Desert Springs Bible Church strives to be a community of people focused on and bound together by the grace of Jesus. We believe that God calls us to a relationship with him and each other, as opposed to a life committed to obeying religious rules.

As a part of our commitment to building strong family relationships, you will find energetic and enthusiastic programs for children and students.  Children look forward to coming on Sundays to learn more about Jesus in a safe, interactive and fun-filled environment.  Students come to be with their friends, to enjoy music they can relate to and to wrestle with how the Bible applies to their real life issues.

Sunday worship services and adult classes remind us of who God is and how He is at work in the world.  While we come from a wide variety of backgrounds we participate together in fresh expressions of worship music and other creative arts.  Every aspect of our worship is designed to encourage an increasingly intimate and authentic relationship with God.  Each week we also learn biblical truths that help us live in a way that honors the Lord and is healthy for us.

It won’t be long before you also realize that we really care about one another.  Whether it is in conversations and coffee on the patio, one of our various classes or in one of our small groups, we encourage genuine and honest relationships.  In today’s world of “saving face” it is very important to us that people are real, open, and honest with one another.


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